IP Telephony

Evolution demands that repititive tasks be robotized

Whether running an office, hotel, hospital, school, or call centre, we have a solution for your Business Voice Communication needs. Capabilities such as auto-answer, easy transfer, recording, time control, wire-free operation, free branch office calls are just some of the benefits of going IP based.

IP Telephone and PBX investment pays off rapidly. Low call rates, programmable auto-reception, large message store, call times and user rules, easy expansion, and broadcast messaging are just a few of the features available on IP PBX systems suitable for businesses, hotels, hospitals and even homes.

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Ditch the crackling old landline and step into the future of crystal-clear calls with IP telephony, Kenya’s game-changer for communication! Imagine blasting your voice over the internet instead of clunky wires, your words zipping through data packets like magic. No more long-distance charges or geographical barriers – IP telephony connects you with anyone, anywhere, in stunning quality.

Think busy office buzzing with seamless conversations across Kenya and the globe, remote teams collaborating like they’re next door, or catching up with loved ones abroad as if they’re in the same room. This isn’t just clearer calls, it’s revolutionized communication at your fingertips. IP telephony scales with your business, boasts video conferencing and advanced features, and all at cost-effective, budget-friendly rates.

So, why stick with the past? Embrace the future of voice. Explore IP telephony in Kenya and unlock a world of connectedness, efficiency, and savings. It’s just a call away!

Think of IP telephony as the entire orchestra, a complex system of instruments and musicians working together to produce beautiful music. In this analogy, the instruments are the various components like IP phones, softphones on computers, and even internal office phone systems (PBXs), all seamlessly transmitting voice calls over the internet.

VoIP, on the other hand, is a crucial instrument within that orchestra – the violin, let’s say. It’s the technology responsible for taking your voice, converting it into digital data packets, and sending them zipping through the internet like musical notes. These packets then reassemble at the other end, transforming back into your voice for the recipient to hear.

So, while IP telephony encompasses the entire system – the infrastructure, equipment, and the very framework for internet-based calling – VoIP is the specific technology that enables the actual transmission of voice data within that system.

IP telephony works like magic, but here’s the behind-the-scenes trick: your voice gets turned into digital data packets, each like a tiny messenger speeding through the internet to reassemble at the other end, making your voice crystal-clear, even miles away! Bonus features like video calls and voice transcription make IP telephony a communication powerhouse, all without leaving your comfy chair.


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